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Treasure awaits below the waves, deep in the Graveyard Chasm. Dare you dive deep enough to find the most valuable treasures, and are you wily enough to return to surface before air runs out and it's too late?
One More Fathom is a push your luck game of diving for treasure and becoming filthy rich, and maybe, just maybe, also finding a little something more...

Maybe you'll even make a FRIEND on the way...

( This game was developed for the Monthly AGS / MAGS contest using the Adventure Game Studio engine. )

UPDATE: 29.MAR.2021 - Released fix version to resolve a number of reported bugs. See the readme file.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsCasual, Creepy, Fantasy, Mouse only, Pixel Art, push-your-luck, Roguelite, underwater


OneMoreFathom.zip 61 MB

Install instructions

1) Download the .zip -file

2) Extract the .zip -file

3) (optional) Run "winsetup.exe" and configure your settings

4) Run "AGS_OMF.exe"


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Good game so far, but there was one major issue: when you run into a mermaid that gives you air, the [make for surface] and [dive deeper] buttons don't come back after the event, leaving you stuck on that screen

Thanks for letting me know! If this happens, you can press P, as instructed in the readme document, to try and reload the action buttons. Sorry for the trouble, I'll try to get a patched version up for download soon.

I went over the code and figured out what was causing the issue you encountered. I just released a new version, which you can download from the game page, which should resolve the bug.