A downloadable game for Windows

Take on the role of Mike Owen, a spaceship mechanic, as he attempts to survive an unexpected intruder in deep space.

This is the first game I ever created, originally envisioned as the first episode of a 3 -part series, but as time passes, the likelihood of there ever being a sequel is getting quite slim. Still, it was fun to make and I hope you will enjoy playing it!

Release date May 06, 2008
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
TagsHorror, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Space, Voice Acting
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesGerman, English


Infection 1 the ship v1.1.zip 94 MB

Install instructions

1) Download the .zip -file

2) Extract the .zip -file

3) (optional) Run "winsetup.exe" and configure your settings

4) Run "Infection I.exe"


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is part 2 still on working? i want to play the next part of the story. :)

That was really neat, nice work!


Hey WHAM, I played this game back in the day and appreciated it a lot (I still have Ferrara's BGM in my iPod), is there a tiny tiny chance to see episode 2 someday?


Hey there! Sorry to say but Infection 2 as a project was pretty much shelved some time between 2008-2010. The old artwork for the project was lost over time and while I still have the design documents, the fact is that the project was far too ambitious for a small dev like myself. Infection 2 may, possibly, get made some day, but as a far smaller game than I originally planned it to be. When that day may be, even I don't know.


I see. Thanks for your reply!

I'm also hoping for episode 2