A downloadable game for Windows

[NOTE: This is the early MAGS version released in 2016. Full version coming in summer of 2019 on Steam & itch.io]

Can YOU stop the extinction of Gnrblexian mind-maggot?

A short point'n'click adaventure game where you control Terry as he tries to save the infamous Gnrblexian mind-maggot from extinction.

( - Updated on 4th of August 2016)

Release date Jul 18, 2016
TagsAliens, low-res, Male protagonist, Pixel Art, Point & Click, Retro, Sci-fi, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

1) Download the .zip -file

2) Extract the .zip -file

3) (optional) Run "winsetup.exe" and configure your settings

4) Run "Gnrblex_AGS.exe"




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Finished the game just now! Excellent I really enjoyed it

Happy to hear you liked it!

Keep an eye out around December / January, I am working on a second edition of Gnrblex, with new puzzles, extended story, full voice acting and some new music, all freeware, of course! :)

Excellent news, I recently upload your game to my site dedicated to abandonware and independent SciFi games, and I am preparing two more of your works La Sol and Infection two great games. Feel free to visit http://abandonwareoutpost.blogspot.com.ar/

I´ll be waiting to the new version of GNRBLEX, regards!

AAAAAAAaaa that was super frustrating at first but then: this is awesome! Nice!


Glad you liked it, and thanks for the video! Its fun to see someone actually play the game. :)

It seems impossible to leave the first room:

bug? (ha!)


Not a bug. ;) Try doing the classic adventure game thing: use everything on everything. You have something in your inventory that you need to use.