A downloadable game for Windows

A short game, created in the Adventure Game Studio engine, as part of a monthly game-making competition back in 2012.

Take a loan from the World Bank of Evilhood, recruit agents, build a base and take over the world!

Release date Mar 03, 2012
TagsManagement, Pixel Art, Real-Time
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

1) Download the .zip -file

2) Extract the .zip -file

3) (optional) Run ...winsetup.exe and configure your settings

4) Run "WorldDom.exe"


BBWD.zip 10 MB


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hey i know this is an old project but man I love its og XCOM-esque vibes. I know it's probably long abandoned but it's a great little proof of concept.

I just love this little game! It's a very creative and original application of the AGS-engine, has great playability and a cool atmosphere. I like this even better than the thematically similar Evil Genius. It never leaves my hd. :)

Glad to hear you like it! Evil Genius was a clear inspiration, along with the X-com games. 30 day time limit on game development forced me to limit the features of the game considerably, though. I hope to find more interesting ways to use the AGS engine in the future!